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Hockey equipment cleaning services Toronto GTA

With over 20 years of experience, is the leader in hockey equipment cleaning, and all other sports gear cleaning facility in Toronto with convenient pickup and delivery service throughout Southern Ontario.We thoroughly clean and sanitize all types of gear and equipment in our MANY LOCATIONS LAUNDRY facility in Toronto, ensuring that not only bad odours are completely eliminated but also any potential bacteria, viruses, mould spores, fungal pathogens, yeast, algae, cysts and protozoa.sports equipment cleaning .The way we wash ,then scrub out all your equipment, then wash it again 3 cicles , then use heat to remove remaining bacteria and smell. The way does its work at eliminating bad odours and most of the common viruses and pathogens. As a matter of fact this proprietary wash scrub then dry to remove all moisture kills effectively eliminates 94.71% – 100% of bacteria in some of the dirtiest hockey gear in the GTA. Solution for Stinky, Bacteria Infested Gear, stinky equipment cleaning, we all know how embarrassing and annoying stinky gear can become, and how difficult it is to clean. Bacteria overgrowth creates odours which eat away at your equipment, making it less effective and puts your own skin at risk to pickup a staph infection such as MRSA. If you have damp, sticky and stinky gear and are looking for a solution, we have exactly what you are looking for.We use proprietary technology, which us to sanitize, disinfect, clean and dry your gear better than any other business or services in in Canada at a very affordable price – ONLY $80.00.  Same day service available. Pick up right from the game or pickup from your home! helps to kill bacteria and viruses that are deep rooted into your gear. Washing scrubbing washing again then heat. We kill bacteria fast and destroy the bacteria and viruses that are lurking deep down inside, disinfecting your gear, making it smell fresh and clean and prolonging its life.



We will come to your RINK OR HOME & pickup all items UPON REQUEST.We will clean them & bring them back SAME DAY SERVICE OR NEXT RUSH SERVICE IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE 4 TO 6 HOURS.
Rush service available 4 to 6hrs extra charge.
Goalie gear and pads $80.00
Sports Team Gear Cleaning $60.00 per team player 3 gear min.
All taxes included.We offer competitive prices for ALL sports team equipment cleaning in Toronto or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area. Keep your gear smelling fresh and germ free with our 100% guaranteed odour elimination.Our gear cleaning experts are experienced and trained to provide safe, friendly sports equipment cleaning services, on time, every-time. Rest assured that we will have your sports equipment professionally cleaned and ready for pickup or delivery when you need it. No matter how big or small your team is, we have you covered 100% or your money-back.